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Volunteer Leader: Role Description

Leaders are supported and supervised by the self-management program director for the duration of the workshop.


Ø Participate in the pre-training meeting, the training week and any other
support sessions you may require.
Ø Work and deliver workshops in supportive partnership with your co-leader.
Ø Provide a supportive and mentoring model to participants.
Ø Give feedback and suggest improvements.
Ø Complete records as required (e.g. weekly reports including attendance).
Ø Participate in acquiring and delivering workshop materials (especially if at an off-site location).
Ø Respect participant confidentiality.
Ø Work to the agreed standards and be monitored by the team.
Ø Be available to lead a workshop a minumum of once per year and give adequate notice of  unavailability.
Ø Contribute to participant recruitment activities.