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Volunteer Leader: Self-Evaluation

Please consider the following questions:

Ø What is the reason that I wish to be a volunteer leader?
Ø How much experience do I have in self-managing my own condition?
Ø Have I already explored/dealt with my own feelings about having a chronic condition?
Ø Am I ready to learn new ways of approaching long-term health conditions?
Ø Can I work with a small group of people and build a rapport with them?
Ø Do I feel I am an effective communicator?
Ø Am I a good listener? Can I facilitate rather than dominate?
Ø Will I be able to accept and build on feedback from others?
Ø Can I commit to attendance at all 4 training sessions?
Ø Am I able/willing to complete minor administrative tasks? (eg. attendance)
Ø Would I prefer to teach in French or English?