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Self-Management Workshops

These workshops are designed to teach the skills needed to manage the day-to-day challenges of living with a chronic health condition.

Delivery of Self-Management Training

The workshops are a hospital program held either at an MUHC building or in a community setting. Participants are individuals with various chronic conditions, attending with or without their care-givers.

Workshop Process

The following topics are discussed in a group format in 6 weekly sessions of 2.5 hours each, which includes a 30 minute break. The goal is for participants to gain knowledge, learn the core self-management skills and address physical and emotional challenges. Trained workshop leaders guide discussions, foster mutual support, and encourage high participant interaction. In each workshop, participants develop individual action plans, a process designed to help both set and reach personal goals, while increasing self-confidence.


Ø Overview of self-management and chronic health conditions
Ø Making an action plan
Ø Symptom management (relaxation, self-talk, visualization)
Ø Feedback/problem-solving
Ø Dealing with anger/fear/frustration/depression
Ø Fitness/exercise for maintaining and improving strength
Ø Better breathing
Ø Handling pain
Ø Handling fatigue
Ø Nutrition
Ø Planning for the future
Ø Communicating effectively
Ø Appropriate medication usage
Ø Making treatment decisions
Ø Developing an effective partnership with health care professionals